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Im unsure the stores address its buy university place in Washington state. I usually go to 176th maridian.

Spanaway. Well now to my complaint im 100% disabled. I have a small service dog incase i have seasure it comfort me to lesson the attack. I was stoped buy clothing manager she said they dont recognize my dog it didnt have his orange vest and they dont recognize comfort as a service dog.

I said that huge lab doesnt have a vest it went into the food sectio. And it was for comfort.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fred Meyer Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Listen up. First of all, a "comfort dog" is NOT a service dog.

Second of all, this is a grocery store, with food, and no one wants your dog in there just because you need " comfort".

Suck it up and be a grown up. Third, learn how to spell.

to Barb #1395476

A "comfort dog" is a service dog because it is providing a service to someone! And the dog is probably cleaner then you are Barb. So suck it up.


Yes, I know just what you mean. Those Fred Meyer people won't let me take my opossum with me even though It gives me comfort when I have my anxiety attacks.

My opossum doesn't have an orange vest either, and I don't think he eats much in the food section.

He's a very clean, well behaved possum and has few accidents. His name is Fred.

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