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I was doing ny holiday shopping when i saw one of the workers walk passed me than pointed at me to the security officer obviously stating watch her and ive done nithing wrong ever im a normal paying costomer just like everyone else. So than the security officer proceeded to fallow 3ft behind me the whole 1hr and half i was shopping stalking me like a freak or *** making me feel so uncomfortoble and honestly disrespected because ive spent hundreds literally hundreds of dollars at fred myers and ive given them no reason to have any sort of suspicion that im doing anything wrong for them to treat me that way.

I meaan seriously its the holidays people spend a long time shopping and buy allot of stuff wich was my plan until i asked a worker where the restroom was and she pionted it out. My stomach hurt badly i ate something not so great so i was in the bathroom for about 20 min and i came out and my cart was gone literally gone not at costomer service not where the worker told me to leave it but not only that, security was also out of site... what a coinsidence huh they are lame *** wholes who clearly have nothing better to do than to falsly profile people harrass them and on top of that make them feel extremely unwelcome at the store... without massive consumers like me there would be no freddys and im sick of the harrassment and constant eary feeling like someone is breathing down the back if my neck every ile i go down...

something needs to be done about this. And if i would have known u could post a video i would have recorded the whole thing im just livid!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fred Meyer Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you weren't stealing then you shouldn't feel so offended by being followed. Security guards have a job to do. You're in Seattle, so I highly doubt you weren't up to something as the crime and theft in this city is INSANELY high!


Your insecurities are showing. Please take your meds.



Your complaint may be taken more seriously if you left out the insults such as 1) 1) So than the security officer proceeded to fallow 3ft behind me the whole 1hr and half i was shopping stalking me like a freak or *** making me feel so uncomfortoblewithout and 2) lame *** wholes.

But, several parts of your complaint do not make any sense.

to Anonymous #1422357

And so who r you? The text control POLICE.

That person can't text . So what. When we ģo into a store and spend the money we've worked So hard for. We go WANTING to have a wonderful time and a delightful shopping experience.

Màbe the employee at freddys didnt let that happen. SHAME ON THEM AND SHAME ON U. You DON'T KNOW HOW IT MADE THEM FEEL. AND freddys EMPLOYEES, not ALL BUT A HANDFUL R RUDE AND UNHELPFUL.

most of them r not . But the ones that r . Really r . Disappointing and discourage me to continue my shopping there as well .

So thanks for your snobby remark. U probably work there.

to Concerned customer #1426957

This person can’t text either, or should I say can’t spell or create coherent sentences. Why is punctuation so hard?

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