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I shop Columbia House Blvd 7-14-18 @ 1:48 pmstation # 2. My cashiers name was Sanita.

I spend a lot of money at Fred Meyer. This is my favorite store, but right now I am morally heart and really damaged my heart. I get Fred Meyer rewards coupon thanks a lot, its very valuable for my family. That I was verbally shamed attaked by a customer , who laughed for 5 minutets for using coupons, telling me its radicallous awfully, talked casher asking to pay for me.........

i got to customer service and talked to store manager Dana, i couldnt stop crying. He told I am sorry.

I have a fear go to Fred Meyer again , i am morally verbally hurt. Thank you.

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Is this comment for real! There are rude and inconsiderate people in this world-accept it, move on!

We have become a society that wants to blame, blame, blame. Get a back bone like our parents before us did!


Why would the store be at fault that another customer laughed at you??? Maybe the customer was in a hurry & got upset that you brought out a stack of coupons?

So what. You'll get over it :l


So what the store didn’t censor another customer. Welcome to America.

You have the right to use coupons and someone else used their right to laugh about it. What are you expecting the manager to do? Go beat up the other customer? How about calling the police?

Maybe they could have arrested the other customer for laughing! Get a thicker skin. If you are going to hold up the line then expect other customers to have a issue.

Shop later or maybe SHARE a few coupons with the people behind you. Maybe not make it such a unpleasant experience to be behind you.

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