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Fred Meyer has a senior discount day on the first Tuesday of each month. So, seniors like me make a big shopping trip and save $10 to $30 on FM's already good prices. Management requires you to tell clerks that you are a senior, even if you know the friendly clerk and the clerk knows you are a senior and you are in line with five other seniors. The friendly clerks often start talking to you and then they 'forget' to scan the senior discount.

Note that their ads say, "Just ask your cashier for the senior discount." That's too funny, seniors remembering something like that after barely being able so shop.

When they forget to give you the discount, you have a to go to customer service. Today the sales clerk forgot to give the discount to the person in front of me and apologized and told the customer to go to customer service (they didn't, the customer was ticked) where customer service would manually hunt through the invoice and key in each item and then hand back a refund. The first thing I told this clerk was I was a senior. She said she would scan the discount code. We got to talking about nothing and general and the sales clerks last words to me were..... you'll have to go to customer service to get your refund.

At customer service, DeeDee, a ten year employee asked me to get the stuff out of my three bags of groceries. I started to hunt and peck for the items, but I realized how *** the request was and that Dee Dee could manually input the item numbers just like the last time this happened to me. (Plus Dee Dee was a little rude, probably because she hates ringing up the refunds manually). Oh and customer service should know that you have to remove the top layers of merchandise to see whats on the bottom, and the counter is the best place to put the stuff.

I was a little frustrated, but I thought this senior discount scam isn't Dee Dee's fault. Dee Dee didn't tell the employees not to ask customers if they are seniors and Dee Dee can't control a sales clerk who forgets to scan the discount code even though the sales clerk was told. So I was handed two bucks and some change, which I thought was a little light. But the line of ticked off seniors was behind me was getting huge and I thought it best to leave.

I got home and the credit receipt she stubbornly gave me, only because I asked, was a credit for over six bucks and she hadn't even rung up all of the eligible items. I take responsibility for not checking the refund receipt, but those seniors behind me were hot....

Anyway, what a scam. Can you imagine all of the seniors who go on the first Tuesday and think they are getting their refund automatically. Maybe they think the refund is tied into their rewards card, which it should be. It's big bucks, trust me. Just talk to the clerks on Senior Tuesday. They say it happens all of the time. Then talk to customer service folks like Dee Dee. But watch out, she might rip off your head.

Fred Meyer management should be ashamed of themselves for their management of this policy. And they should send all of their seniors a big fat check every year.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fred Meyer Cashier.

Location: Eugene, Oregon

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I. Went.

To. Fred. Meyers. With.

A. Friend. A. Worker.

Was. Saying. *** Things. To.

My. Friend. And. Me.

My. Friend. And. Me.

Could. Not. Find. A.

Boss. The. Fred. Meyer.

Worker. Was. Also. Talk.

Things. The. Fred. Meyer.

Worker. Should. Not. Be.

Saying. My. Friend. And.

Me. Did. Go. Fred.

Meyers. Bosses. Workers. Need.

To. Stop. Bugging.

People. Shopping.


I. Went.

To. Fred. Meyers. On.

My. Lunch. Break. I.

Seen. The. Lady. Working.

In. The. Deli. Eating.

Potato. Salad. With. Her.

Hands. I. Seen. The.

Lady. Was. Also. Eat.

Chicken I. Said. To. The.

Lady. Was. A. Fred.

Meyer. Worker. Deli. A.

Lot. Of people. Might. Get.

Sick. The. Lady. Working.

In. Deli. Said. Does.

Not. Care. If. People.

Get. Sick. I. Went.


Burger. King.


a. lot.

Of. People. Think. The.

Fred. Meyer. Rewards. Card.

Is. Good. No. I.

Know. Someone. That. Used to.

Work. Fred. Meyers. I.

Was. Told. Any. One.

That. Used. Fred. Meyers.

Reward. Card. Fred. Meyers.

Is. Spying. On. You.

And. See. What. You.

Are. Buying. If. Any.

One. Wants. To. Be.

Spyed. On. By. Fred.


Workers. Bosses.


This happened to us also - in Alaska. Fred Meyer (Kroger) is all window dressing. They put on a front of caring, but the bottom line is money.


The same thing happened to me!!


The sad thing is that the Kroger Corporation already has the software to recognize seniors from their customer loyalty numbers and automatically apply a discount. I shopped at actual Kroger stores (MUCH better than Fred Meyer, but grocery only) for years.

On Senior day they applied a 5% discount to ALL items except alcohol and cigarettes. They also stayed stocked better and with better quality items in many cases.


It sounds like it's deliberately, or at least lazily, set up to deny as many discounts as possible.


Everyone always tells me that I look "Awfully Young". I say "What's so awful about it?

Who wants to look older?".

I'm gonna be just like D Ick Clark, when I'm 80 I'll look like I'm 40 and will have to tell clerks that I am old enough to get the senior citizen discount. I'll have to show them Identification because they will think that I'm pulling their leg.


So, you blame them and do not accept the personal responsibility for failure to ask for discount. Blame game does not work if it was you who forgot to ask.


I agree! Guarantee you this person *** and blames all day long!!!


I agree..if you are a senior like me..(67).. I can't even remember the First Tuesday of the month is Senior Day..I work and am physically exhausted to try and remember anything....LOP


Actually, a few years ago a clerk at Fred Meyer's did remind me it was senior day and asked if I would like my discount; unfortunately, I five years away from being a senior at the time! I believe the policy of not asking is a good one in order to avoid this exact type of situation.

Especially when, after telling the clerk I was not a senior, he responded with "You're not?" in a surprised tone of voice.

While funny now it wasn't at the time. As the older generation we should remember that to a 20 or 30something clerk anyone over 50 looks like a senior.


A solution would be to wait until the cashier has rung up all your items, then key in your rewards number, or let them scan your rewards card at the end of the transacty, then tell them you are a senior so they can’t forget. Then you pay after and only after they have given you the discounts. Problem solved!!!


Freddie's, has been in OR for years. Why, ALL OF A 'SUDDEN,' ias this well known company, TRYING AND SUCCESSFULLY doing WE seniors harm to OUR LIVING???? WE ALL know Fred Meyer can and MUST do better!!!!!!


Fred Meyer does a ton for us seniors, you just need to remember that any discount any good company offers you is a privilege, a benefit that shows they appreciate us, not an entitlement because we are on fixed incomes. You are sounding like a millennial!!!

Be grateful! Many companies do NOTHING for us seniors!!


Yes, many companies do not help seniors, but it is a cruel joke that Fred Meyer keeps it as quiet as possible and makes it hard to use. Their subsidiary Kroger and Harris Teeter grocery stores automatically subtract 5% for seniors ONE DAY A WEEK.

It covers ALL groceries.

You don't have to say a word. They have the software, they just don't use it.


Same thing happened to me. Told cashier before scanning first item and at the end tried scanning some code but got no discount.


Seniors should not be given a 10 percent discount only on a Tuesday! We do eat - breakfast, lunch and dinner on other days of the year too!

Some items are not even discounted - and senior shoppers are not privy to such information! Very demeaning way of treating seniors - we pay tax!


What the heck does paying tax have to do with anything??! We all pay tax, stop with the entitlement outcry, everyone eats breakfast, lunch and dinner, and some of us seniors need to make better food choices for our health, and our weight.

Also, cut out a lot of the sugary junk and candies. I appreciate that they give me a discount on any item on any day, but it’s because I am a grateful person.


Shame on you Fred Meyer.....

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