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Fred Meyer Pharmacy Department Review from Anchorage, Alaska 1 of 1 people found it helpful
I arrived at the Fred Meyers Pharmacy five minutes before they were supposed to close. They wouldn't not talk to me nor would they even acknowledge I was there. Horrible customer service and poor professionalism. I was very disappointed and now I will not be able to get my prescription I NEED until tomorrow if I can make it there "on time" because of my work schedule. Very upset with the Juneau Fred Meyer Pharmacy and I will not have my...
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Fred Meyer may be the company with the absolute worst business ethics I've ever seen. Truly, the worst I've ever done any kind of business with. This is especially true when it comes to pain medications from the pharmacy. Fred Meyer (as a quick non-pharmaceutical example) takes the TIPS from the Starbucks Coffee employees in their stores. I've verified this more than once and I'm NOT kidding! This might give you some idea of how uninterested...
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I didn't like
  • Pharmaceutical policy
  • No one willing to help me
I complained about this over the phone directly to the pharmacy and corporate headquarters and both said they would call me back, but haven't. I also filed a written complaint to them on-line that said someone would contact me generally within 24 hours, nobody did. So I have started posting about it on Facebook and now here. It just upsets me much that I was accused of and banned for something that was a completely innocent remark! I can't let...
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I liked
  • Friday freebies
I didn't like
  • Pharmacist with religious agenda
  • No fact finding investigation
  • Banning customers without investigation of facts
I have been jerked around at the Kennewick Fred Meyer Pharmacy. I have expressed my disapproval with the way I have been treated and now they do not fill my prescription for several days. I do not have my prescription sent out of Portland. They are filled here locally. I have been out of my blood sugar test strips now for days, the prescription was called in on Monday and today is Thursday, and I still do not have them nor have I been notified....
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I liked
  • Love the grocery store
I didn't like
  • Hate the pharmacy personnel