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I've been receiving a lot of emails and paper flyers in the mail saying that now Fred Meyer has a Military Discount on the 3rd Thursday of each month (in addition to their Senior Discount on the 1st Tuesday). So I marked my calendar and went in to shop. The first month all was fine.

Now, on the 2nd month since it began, I made a specific visit to the store to get my discount. The discount is not on every item in the store, and does not include meat, produce, etc. But it does include all Kroger/Fred Meyer brands.

Instead of using regular check-out, I used Self Checkout (unlimited). After completing my 'checking-out' I showed my Military ID to the clerks at the self-checkout booth. They OK'd it but could not get their bar code to scan to enter the discount. So they said (just like I saw in the review on this website about the Senior Discount), go to Customer Service. Despite a cart full of frozen and refrigerated, I did go all the way to Customer Service only for the employee there to say she would not/could not correct it. So I had to leave.

My receipt has LOTS of items such as Fred Meyer brand itself, Private Selection, Simple Truth Organics, etc. - all of which are listed on their website/emails/paper ads as being eligible for the discount. But I got NO discount on them.

Since then, I've called the 1-866 number for Kroger and, guess what, they didn't even know there was a Military Discount at Fred Meyers. Then I got transferred (eventually) to the Store Director of the store where I shopped. Guess what, he didn't know much about it either, saying it was new and they really haven't gotten any information about it.

What???? Why would the Corporate Headquarters of Fred Meyer bombard the public with an ad campaign about a great new discount when the store (much less Kroger Corporate) doesn't have a clue about it. Don't they expect people to [try to] use it?

Veterans and Military members and families beware! Even if you remember to show your ID, you will have to review your receipt carefully to make sure you got the discount.

Seems like yet another trick or advertising ploy to bring in shoppers/business but not live up to that promised offer. Other stores offer Military Discount every day of the year (Home Depot, Lowe's) or once a week (New Seasons, a grocery, every Tuesday). If you have items that can be found at those stores, take your business and Military ID to them.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Fred Meyer Cons: Poor customer service.

Location: Oregon City, Oregon

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I'm retired military and a senior, I routinely use both of those discounts at my local Fred Meyer in Grants Pass Oregon and I've never had a single problem with either of them and when I've had to go to Customer Service for anything they have always been extremely helpful and once when I didn't even have a coupon but told them I had seen it on their website they gave me the discount without any question. I realize this gentleman's comment is quite old so I just don't think it's valid anymore.


Why does everyone want so many discounts nowadays for everything??? What happened to just paying for your items like everyone else has to??

I should demand a discount for being so beautiful. Smh!


For starters, Seniors are on a fixed income sweet cheeks. Since you are so beautiful, you probably can land yourself a cushie job to pay full price on your groceries.

Perhaps you will have a different view on this after you pass the 55 life age limitation. (And I feel sorry for today's youth, who seem not to have a concept of the fact that one day they will have to live on a fixed income as a Senior Citizen.) GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.


Based on my ten plus years of personal shopping experience with Fred Meyer I find the above scenario highly unlikely. I have never had a product ring up at the wrong price and have never had a bad experience with any store employee from the kids who pick up the shopping carts to four different store managers whom I have talked with.

It's interesting that I found this web page today. I had been to Fred Meyer yesterday and was looking up some information about the store today when this popped up. I read it with interest as I had forgot to ask for my Senior Discount. Realizing this I stopped at Customer Service and asked if it could be fixed.

The lady I spoke with said no problem, took the receipt and a calculator, figured my discount and handed me the cash. After she had taken care of my problem she suggested a couple ways that might help me remember to ask for the discount in the future.

Another great shopping experience at Fred Meyer.

I won't shop for groceries anywhere else.

I am going to be moving to a new city soon and one requirement in choosing my new location was that there would be a Fred Meyer Store.


as someone who works at Fred Meyer, this story is totally fake?? you can definitely add the discount at customer service and the POS should have done it for you.

there's really no explanation for your side of the story. I'm gonna go with, you're not telling the whole truth here.


I am just thankful we get any kind of discount, not many grocery/department stores offer a discount for a veteran


I saw the flyer in canby Oregon this past week. Bout military discounts.

I knew it's only for fred Meyer food products only. Same rules for the senior discount. Its suppose to be for grocery items.

Sorry you had problems.

You should keep your receipt if it works the next time you go. Try again at a different store and call first to confirm that offering.

Good luck. Thank you for serving our country


Your comment is not correct, as I have worked customer service for FM also. There should be a flyer at the customer service desk detailing what items are available for the discount.

It includes FM food items, other than produce, meat, bakery, etc ., but it does also include home, apparel, and other store items.

Please do not give misleading information, unless you have confirmed it with the verifiable source, ie. store manager, corporate, or the like.

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