This employee tori Williams should be fired for take pictures of customers business and posting them of Facebook and talking *** about them and also her friends talking *** too works at Fred Meyers in anchorage ak at the Abbott store

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Can people write a coherent sentence, so I don’t have to mentally add punctuation for it to make sense? Cheese and rice. I don’t understand the point of what you did.


If someone came to me with a receipt like that I'd know I'm being punk'd. Wth is wrong with people??!!!

Canby, Oregon, United States #954726

You're overly sensitive. She is saying it's redundant to put a penny in coinstar to receive a penny. It causes unnecessary work for someone

to Anonymous #985338

I have used coinstair, (Ohio) and gave to charity there machine took its money for my transaction, rounded up my donations to their nearest $0.25 so I received a voucher for under a quarter... my cashier certainly didn't try to make me out to be a horrible dumb person.

I'm pretty sure, they original consumer on this site..

would have bought something and used that penny voucher like a coupon......... a penny off their final bill.....

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