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On May 12th the Fuel Station at Fred Meyer in Warrenton, OR put unleaded gasoline in my diesel truck. They did the bare minimum to get my truck back on the road and did not even reimburse me for the rental truck I was forced to use. I have the dealer’s mandatory service bulletin outlining the bare minimum flushing of the tank and fuel system in my truck. TJ Auto did not follow Chrysler Dodge’s own service bulletin requirements. In fact according to the certified Dodge and Cummins dealer service manager Lum’s Auto Chrysler Engineering will nullify the warranty on a truck that has not had the entire fuel system replaced because the very small tolerances for diesel injectors and fuel pumps are severely compromised due to the lack of lubrication in gasoline. There is no doubt that ever vehicle manufacture has the same requirements. We did not realize that our vehicle was miss-fueled until it ran 35 miles and stopped. When I tried restarting the engine it over sped which everyone knows m compromises internal parts of an engine. When Fred Meyer sent a tow truck we requested it be taken to an authorized Dodge dealer. Instead they towed it to their “go to short cut auto repair shop”, TJ Auto Repair. We told both TJ Auto and Fred Meyer management they did not have our authorization to short cut the repairs, but we were ignored. I missed a fishing trip because I could not rent a vehicle to tow my work trailer to retrofit my boat to fish tuna. I had to take a taxi from Long Beach WA to Astoria Oregon to rent a vehicle to at least have transportation. The rental company said that Fred Meyer had 4 miss fueling incidents during the previous few months that they knew of. I find out that it is just the tip of the iceberg. Fred Meyer is voiding warranty and short cutting repairs to many unsuspecting customers and is getting away with it. I decided someone has to stand up to them and as an Diesel expert contracted to Technical Advisory Services for Attorneys (TASA) for 25 years with many similar improper maintenances cases it may as well be me. We filed a claim in Small Claims court against Kroger Company owner of Fred Meyer; their answer was “see you in court”, I presume they are afraid if they give into me others will follow.

My truck still runs, but I know that I have a significant loss of power and smoke caused by worn fuel injectors not fully atomizing the fuel needed for complete combustion due to the lack of lubrication in my fuel system running on gas until it stopped. I worry about towing my 36 foot trailer back to Pahrump, NV at the end of my fishing season. However, no matter what the cost I am not letting them get away with this farce. I have already purchased airline tickets and reserved a rental car for the court date of 6 December. I also worry about taking on a big company in a local jurisdiction, but if all fails I am prepared to hire picketers to let all their customers know who they are dealing with and will invest my own money to continually give Fred Meyers the advertising they deserve via Internet, linked home pages, social media, and consumer complaints starting with the following: Better business bureau (bbb) We pleaded with the Sedgwick Insurance Company examiner, the customer service department at the Fred Meyer Corporate Office, and even sent all of the information to the CEO of the Kroger Company, all to no avail. We finally had to serve their Registered Agent with a summons to Small Claims Court in Astoria, Oregon. Their response: basically, see you in court. Our court date is December 6, 2018, and I I want it known that I will set aside funds to continually give Fred Meyer and Kroger the negative advertising they deserve. We have already got 99 % of the residents in our RV Park to boycott shopping at Fred Meyer in Warrenton OR. Not hard to do as a new Wall Mart opened up a mile away.

ENCM Gene Fisher (USN Retired)

Product or Service Mentioned: Fred Meyer Diesel Tank Refill.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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