I love Fred Meyers. I have always shopped there. But is Fred Meyers so hard up for employees that they have to hire employees with hardware on their face. Maybe I am old fashioned. I am use to employees at New Seasons, Starbucks, and small stores to have alternative dress codes, but I expect higher-end stores to have some sort of dress code. It is disconcerting to look at someone with metal hanging on their nose. I am sure Mr. Meyer would not approve of the look of some of your employees. Please think about my complaint.

Still a loyal customer,


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Wow, this customer should just shop online, if you can't get over the way someone looks


Why do you care? You don't have to agree with the way people look, but that doesn't mean they're bad people or that they're bad employees.

Another person's piercings do not affect you on any kind of meaningful level, you're just being hateful for absolutely no good reason. Live and let live.


The way a person chooses to dress or do with their bodies. Has nothing to do with how they work or perform tasks.


This is hilarious considering that it does nots with you or your life at all. Also you're being super old schooled and ridiculous, let people express themselves the way they want with piercings and "metal hanging out of their nose" who cares? Its their face and their body not yours get over it.

Forest Grove, Oregon, United States #1302310

If you have a problem with any style of dress then you are living in the wrong city. Portland is all about acceptance and tolerance and art.

You are very old fashioned, and while I understand your preconceptions based on out of date notions, but please try to open your mind.

"Hardware on the face" as you call it does not prevent them from doing their job, it does not make them better or worse in any way. Your personal opinion is your only basis, and the opinion of others should NEVER dictate policy or others actions, only logic should.


Mr LMC I do believe you are being very old fashioned. Does "hardware" on someone's face inhibit their ability to give you excellent service?

Does it make them a bad person?

Are they more likely to be rude to a customer? In my experience people who are able to express themselves in harmless way are happy people, and these same people who were previously shunned from the "higher end" jobs, as you so eloquently stated, they work very hard to overcome narrow minded stereotypes, such as the one you have expressed here.

Seattle, Washington, United States #1199557

If a little bit of jewelry is that "disconcerting" to you when it has zero effect on the excellent customer service you receive, maybe you should order online to avoid having your delicate sensibilities offended. I might not think someone looks good in their uniform khakis or think they'd be easier on the eyes with a different haircut, but guess what...

How someone looks has NOTHING to do with the service they provide. As long as that "metal hanging on their nose" isn't coming from a crusty, infected piercing, what's it to you? The employee is clean and helpful.

It isn't 1950 anymore... Unbutton that collar and loosen up.


i love that fred meyer lets their employees be them self and express themselves at work. I think by doing this they are making a better working environment for the employees and a better shopping environment for the customers because their workers are comfortable and happy.

Have you ever worked at a job where you were completely uncomfortable and unhappy and your views and ideas arent accepted? I feel like fred meyer is creating an environment where its employees feel comfortable enough to be themselves and have their own ideas and i think thats wonderful!


Give it a rest lmao. It doesn't affect you personally


Well pissed of consumer, why don't you catch up with the times? If you don't like looking at people with "hardware" on their faces, you might as well just plan on staying in your home at all times or you're just going to continue to live your life as a pissed off old grouch that nobody, not even yourself, can stand to be around.

Bitter old dirt bag until the end. Or... you could just be happy that you still have a person there to help you when you need it despite their piercing.

Fire that person with a nose ring and you'll just complain that nobody is there to help you, the cycle never ends. You always need SOMETHING to *** about.


I just got hired today, we are allowed piercings but no lip tongue or eyebrows. I have my lip pierced but I have a clear one that isn't noticeable so that's what I wear or I'll take it out during my shift.

I also was told our tattoos can show as long as they are not offensive or vulgar. If you don't like tattoos or piercings then don't get them but do not be someone who shames people for having them it's not right to criticize someone's personal style.


This just blows my mind that anyone could be this small minded. Who cares if someone has a piercing!!!

I suppose you also feel a fat person or not so attractive person should not be allowed to work at a high end store. Look in the mirror realize your faults, quit judging people and get over it.

Richland, Washington, United States #724192

I am a Fred Meyer employee. I think that as it is?

We have enough regulations for what we wear and how our hair is supposed to be. On top of that no one gets full time. We deal with rude customers everyday and *** our tounges when it comes to *** managment. I want a piercing.

But cannot get it or ill get fired. I wanted a tattoo dedicated to my late brother but I can't get that either. So. Before you make complaints.

Think of what we have to deal with. Get over it.

Troutdale, Oregon, United States #714069

Fred Meyer isn't a high end store and just because you're offended by body modifications doesn't mean anyone should value your opinion, regardless of how much you degrade those who chose to do it.

Seattle, Washington, United States #658161

This sounds like the complaint of a petulant child.

"Wahh, I don't like facial piercings so I need to make sure no one wears them around me, that offends me, wahhhhhh"

Really? Are you joking with me? This isn't a valid complaint, just the opinion of a bigoted person, way behind on the times.

Having piercings affects nothing. It does not affect working habits, ethics and/or morals of the worker.

Open up your mind. This is 2013.

Canby, Oregon, United States #616853

I work at Fred Meyer and their dress code only allows for certain piercings on the face, and not if you are working around food. Honestly, I don't thing a nose ring or eyebrow piercing would cause any problem if you are buying a vacuum or a shirt.

It is one of the few places that allows people to express their own personal style! Why should some one being who and what they are offend you! And as for Fred Meyer being hard up for employees, ha! It is hard as heck to get on there!

And it is union so turnover is pretty low.

If you don't know what you are talking about, please don't talk! :(

to acox Keizer, Oregon, United States #718394

I wish there was a way for me to like your comment, but since there is not, a simple "Bravo" will have to do! I agree 100%


judging people by the way they look is the same as judging people b/c of the race,sex,or if they are *** or strait. Think about what you say before you say it.


Honestly it's 2012. If you don't see it at Fred Meyer your going to see it some where else.

Having a facial piercing doesn't make me a bad person or a irresponsible person. It's a personal choice. I've never once had anyone ever call my nose ring hard ware. I am a hard working good employee.

With customers of all different ages, who love me and shop there because I'm there when they could easily shop some where else. My team members love me and I wear a nose ring and have visible tattoos.

Before you look down your nose at someone because of a facial piercing maybe you should look past that and see what your missing for thinking FM is hard up for employees just because of a piercing. Please think about how close minded you are.

to sunshine Ridgefield, Washington, United States #862275

It's more about the fact that you are representing Fred Meyers. You are sometimes the first person a customer will come in contact with and the company wants you to present a good first impression so that their customers will keep coming back.

What happened to the time when people knew what was appropriate and what was not. Some of the younger generation hasn't a clue. They think showing up to a job interview with pants hanging off their a$$, a t-shirt with a crude saying on it and piercings all over their faces is okay...NOT. You want to dress that way, go get a job at a skateboard shop, head shop or a gas station.

You are there to represent THEIR company in the best possible light. You are not their to display your individuality...you can do that off the clock.

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