I was a victim of discrimination and I was a witness to other act of discrimination against people of color and people who are not white Caucasian !! I don't know why Kroger ( Owner of Fred Meyer ) doesn't investigate and put a stop to those action that are becoming so common..!!

The personnel at most of your Pharmacy around the Vancouver, Wa area are the worst in term of customer service towards people of other background !

They don't respect them they look down to them and they never had the time to explain or help them!

Fred Meyer a class action suit is looming over you and sooner or later this will happen and I will be the first to testify with so mush documentation to prove how low and untrained those people behind the counter and their managers who sit there doing nothing ! I will never do business with this company !!

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What *** me off is that you people of color discriminate against whites constantly but claim we are the problem! GET OVER YOURSELF!

NOBODY living in the USA today has ever owned slaves. Your ancestors were sold into slavery by both blacks and whites living in Africa. Blacks owned black slaves in the USA too, it was not just whites! We are not to blame for your life, YOU are!

Take some responsibility and forget you are "colored" like the rest of us try to, if you wouldn't constantly try to throw it in our faces.

STOP reverse discrimination and you might make it somewhere in life but we are all tired of your bigotry, you colored have beat this horse to death! Get over it!


Sounds to me like you just hate white people.

Renton, Washington, United States #720663

Amen. They seem to have a culture of patronizing at best, being bigots to at worst, people of color.

I've experienced it so many times at the Benson Center Renton, WA Fred Meyers it's ridiculous. From stockboys refusing to even utter a word when greeted with a "good morning/ aftrnoon". To the pudgy self-checkout dude glaring at me and my children as if we were trying to steal something. To the saturday morning customer service lady actually lying to me one time saying she didn't have enough cash in the register to accomodate a purchase.

She actually thought I was dumb enough to believe her. She just didn't want to serve me. (I walked over to the manager, who honestly looked shocked and said, "she said what? That's ridiuclous we gave her more than enough cash this morning" then glared across the store at her and sent me back.

Only to have the original lady NOT say "I'm sorry", but to angrily say to me" You Told On ME to the Manager?". Then sheepishly went into her register and pulled out the money she earlier claimed she didn't have to give me change. Fred Meyers has no managers of color, very few employees of color even though Renton is a fairly diverse city.

Ironically every time I go the customer service desk someone white is helped, someone of color always is either given a lecture, not helped, or a victim of a register or machine suddenly not working. Ironically when I occasionally go to the Walmart in Renton, for as bummy as it is, the treatment is like night and day, as is the diversity of its staff/employees.

to MnnyJay #1173872

Newport Oregon Fred Meyers goes far and beyond to protect anyone NOT Caucasian and in doing so they discriminate against the Caucasians!

A Caucasian female was asked to describe, over the phone, the pharmacist who had refused to fill her prescription the evening before.

Well, he was not the Caucasian male pharmacist, nor the shortest or tallest or the only one with brown hair, so she was unsure how to describe him, not knowing his nationality from his thick accent or the way he dressed. The person on the phone asked if she was still there so she said, unable to think of the word turban, "he is the one that wears the towel thingy on his head". The pharmacist on the phone started ranting at her that it was not a towel, he also said it was not called a turban and then went on to explain in clear English that it was worn for religious purpose and to show respect to his god etc... They did fill her prescription for pain medication she needed after her surgery a few hours later but a month later when her family member arrived to pick up her prescription refills, as she has every month for 7 years she was told she had been banned from the pharmacy and "she knows what she did".

She called Fred Meyers and the man on the phone refused to tell her the problem though she asked 5-8 times "why exactly have I been banned". Finally he gave in and stated she had made a "racial slur". What ever happened to "the customer is always right"? The pharmacist in question had refused to fill her pain medication for her surgery, he was wrong to do so and Fred Meyers filled it after she complained on the phone.

She was under stress, worried about surgery a few hours later and needed to have the pain medication for when she came home. All completely understandable. She could not think of the word turban or headdress or think of another way to describe the pharmacist as she was asked to do so there absolutely was no malice intended. The man on the phone spoke clear English but it was also the man with the turban who spoke with a thick accent in person.

He uses a fake accent!! He knew he was the pharmacist she spoke to because he was the ONLY person working the pharmacy that night. He was angry she called to complain and then he wrongly accused her of making a racial slur and she has been banned from fred meyer pharmacy, not the store, just the pharmacy for six months now. Multiple calls, letters, emails etc and not one single time has anyone from Newport Fred Meyers or Corporate Headquarters contacted her.

Actually, she is only assuming that it was her description of his turban that was the "racial slur" because nobody will tell her anything more or take her calls.

Fred Meyers refuses to speak to her at all regarding this matter and continues to tell her "someone will call her back" but no one ever does.

BUT the pharmacist who wears his religious turban and fakes his thick accent, he gets to keep his job and discriminate against anyone who does not know all about his religion and treat him like a god!

Seattle, Washington, United States #652616

If you have so much do documentation and want to be the first to testify against FM then what are you waiting for...

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