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Fred Meyer Jewelers Ripped me Off

Update by user May 02, 2011

How would you feel if you found out the store gave you fake merchandise?, and worst of all when you paid over $2,000 either with cash or on credit, naively thinking you were buying the real thing? This is what happened to me. How do they dare to call me a liar and...

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Sounds more like your the professional scammed here. I buy jewelry all the time from Fred Meyers.

Never an issue.

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Boise, Idaho
Fred Meyer Manager
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Physical threat by Store Manager

I went to return an item we bought at the Issaquah, WA Fred Meyer store because the customer service representative told us we could return it within 6 months of purchase. The assistant store manager not only refused to honor it, but threatened to throw me out of the store when I asked to talked to the store manager or someone who would be willing to help me. I have never had such a horrible customer service experience ever in my life. They not only humiliated me, but made me fearful of my personal safety. Never shop at Fred Meyer, period!
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Obviously the people responding have never had anyone treat them badly or anyone of authority act OUTRAGEOUSLY! It very well may be that there is more to this story but I can tell you from personal experience that, more times then not, if the person is acting out, threatening to use their authority against you that they know they are in the wrong but will get their *** chewed out by corporate if they honor the return.

I have had store manager argue that it was passed their 30 day return policy but when I counted it out on the calendar and showed them it was NOT passed 30 days they just became enraged and threatening. It depends on my mood whether I walk away and call their boss or get right back in their face. In my youth I would have grabbed them by the throat and made them give me my money back.

Some people are just ***. NO, not everyone calls the police when someone threatens them!


Their is obviously something you are not willing to tell us about how you may have behaved. The Manager will do almost anything to provide great customer service.

They never whant a phone call from Corp. to explain the situation.

They will break Corp. policy to make a customer happy.


Yeah....I am in agreement with the first responder. Something seems fishy.

I have seen customers rip on employees (lots of four letter words included), get told NOT to talk in that manner, then turn around and tell customer service that despite their angelic behavior, the employee was rude for absolutely no reason. It happens a lot. I see posts like this and wish for both video and audio feedback of the situation as a comparison. Fred Meyer is a quality outfit.

Promotion through the ranks requires excellent customer service skills. Somehow, I think their is a second side to the story that needs to be told.


If the store manager really made you fearful for your "personsl safety" wouldn't you call the police??? Something sound fishy with your story.

Besides, all you had to do was go in the next day and ask for the store manager!


what were you trying to return? was it shoes, electronics, food?

What was the reason for the return?

I find that whenever anyone trys to retrun something and has this "experience" that there is good reason behind the return denial. I agree with the above post...if you're really that offended take it up with someone else higher up, and if youre not willing to do that then you probably knew you couldnt return it anyway.


Ugh. Shut up... Take it up with a higher power other than a website.

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Sammamish, Washington
Fred Meyer Manager

Stay away

I worked in managment. I would stay as far away from this company as possible. They are only interested n making money. They will break the law and step on thier employess if it will make them more money. I have work for several retailers and Fred Meyer is by far the...
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I guess depends on who is the food manager of the store. The food manager here at maple valley tells everyone about her employees rides a special bus.

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Selah, Washington
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Fred Meyers-shame on them sold 2 left shoes

As a gift I purchased a pair of shoes for my mother & shipped them to Arizona. She called me telling me she was shipping back because they were 2 left feet. When we went back to Fred Meyers they totally acted like they could never make that mistake and that we were lying. The customer service rep VERONICA & Manager TAMMY should both be fired for the way they treated us, but they did it while claiming it's all company policy. Shame on Fred Meyers my money can be spent at any other store, I wasn't asking for money back, all I wanted to do was get a pair that I could actually wear, I've yet to meet someone who wears 2 left shoes. I will never ever shop at Fred Meyers in Tacoma, Washington again. Corporate needs to realize that they need to hire some pretty ignorant people. Also since when can you not do an exchange with an out of state license? Haven't they ever traveled or moved in there life? Dumb employees Fred Meyers wake up.
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Who buys and ships a pair of shoes without looking at them?


I've gotta say, my Fred Meyers customer service department is exactly what you should expect. Always courteous and friendly, I've never had a problem exchanging something even when I couldn't prove I'd actually bought the items there.

Smiles and service all day long. By the way, mine is in Port Orchard.


While I agree the employees were probably rude about it, let me speak as someone who works in Shoes. People generally grab a bunch of shoes, throw them all on the floor, and shove them on their feet. If they don't just leave them all on the floor, they throw them in the box... and 90% of the time, they don't pay a lick of attention to what shoe goes in what box. God forbid they put these boxes on the shelf, because usually they're thrown on there sideways in the wrong spot or something. Customers are HORRIBLE with shoes because they're a hassle. It's like those jerks that just "try on a jacket real quick" and throw it on the hanger unzipped because it takes time. Guess what? At the end of the day, all of those *** jackets are unzipped and have fallen on the floor.

Anyway, I'm not saying you're that way. But as a result of these lovely people, sometimes two lefts or rights end up in the box. Or two different sizes.

Personally, I take a beat to check the sizes and left/right of each shoe I ring up. However, this is NOT company policy, so you should never expect it! You are 100% responsible for checking what you grabbed from the shelf.

My store accepts returns for wrong sizes / directions when they happen. If you got your money back, then it doesn't matter. Check next time.


Maybe you should have looked at the *** shoes yourself! Do you want the employee to check every god *** set of shoes?

Well they can't.

Blame the person who needed two right shoes. Stop being so lazy that you can't take the blame for not checking the shoes.


Quit blaming other people for your screw up you *** ***. You should be glad you have a freddies to go to!


if customers were not such little piggys shoes wouldnt end up like this in the first place. I advise to always look in the box and inspect before purchase.

I work in shoes sometimes and its impossible to find where people try on shoes and just randomly throw them back in the box. whether its a two left/right situation or two different sizes in a box.

SOciety needs to be more thoughtful when shopping. Most only care about themselves .


if customers were not such little piggys shoes wouldnt end up like this in the first place. I advise to always look in the box and inspect before purchase.

I work in shoes sometimes and its impossible to find where people try on shoes and just randomly throw them back in the box. whether its a two left/right situation or two different sizes in a box.

SOciety needs to be more thoughtful when shopping. Most only care about themselves .


"Corporate needs to realize that they need to hire some pretty ignorant people." Looks like whoever wrote this is ignorant!


employees have no say so in corporate policy... if we disobey, we will be terminated. obviously you don't have a job otherwise you would know how these things work.

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Seattle, Washington

Fred Meyer Ready to eat food cups not sanitary what so ever.

I was in a Fred Meyer store in the Vancouver area one where they make the fresh fruit cups in the department for everyone to see. I watched for a while the woman making the cups was moving from one type of food to another without cleaning the board or knife she was using. With as many recalls as happen in this day and age it was surprising to see someone not care about cross contamination(food safety term) in such an open forum. I am a concerned parent and my daughter is allergic to pineapple. One would not expect to find pineapple in a container of melon. If I were to buy mellon I have no doubt it would be contaminated by several different types of food. Even if she was not allergic the potential for things like salmonella getting into the fruit is very high and if say cantaloupe is contaminated and recalled there are many non cantaloupe items which are still contaminated on the shelf. I would beg Fred Meyer to please set some regulations about how you handle our food. I asked the blonde middle aged woman with glasses to please clean her utensils she dunked them in a sink covered them with dirty sink water and went right back to using them. After that I left no way am I going to buy food from a company that has such reckless regard for its safety.
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If you are so concerned contact the health department and I promise you they will inspect the fruit cutting operation and decide if it meets the requirements. Also, you could ask to speak to the food manager so they can explain to you that cutting different fruits on the same board is NOT cross comtamination. If you daughter has alergies you should ask questions anytime you buy anthing fresh cut or if you go to restraunts.


Wow, people have to much hostility. I'm sure they were not worried about cross contamination with mixed fruit cups.

I'm very certain if there was a recall all of the cups of fruit would be taken off the shelf and he news would report to throw away any fruit purchased between said dates. I'm glad they these websites.

I'm in customer service and hate listening to this ridiculous stuff seriously.... Wish they had a sight for mad customer service reps to bash a customer that chewed us out for this stuff.


That dirty "water" you sawher dunk her utensil in is not infact water but a powerfull sanatiser. And cross contamination only applies to food types ie chicken beef fish produce.

All fruit is washed before prosscesing. the melons ar scribed then washed in sanitiser before prosscesing


Goodness. Each and everyone of you people that complains is a lazy ***.

You should know those cups are mixed anyway *** because most of them are MIXED fruit cups. MIXED, do you understand that word? That pineapple will be thrown in with the grapes and strawberries after being cut up. Not every employee is like that anyway ***.

I also agree with the second Joe. If you care about your daughter than you should not be taking the risk of her having an allergic reaction. Cut the fruit up yourself you lazy ***.

As for you Joe (cake issues), I hope you had a great *** birthday on the toilet! hahahahaha


If your daughter is alergic to pineapple... why don't you not take a chance...

don't be lazy... and buy your own cantaloupe and cut it up?


My dad brought home a birthday chocolate birthday cake (glazed upside down cake) from the same Fred Meyer store and we both were glued to our toilets all night. Never again!

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Vancouver, Washington
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Bad employee behavior

I was shopping in Fred Meyer in Richland WA a week ago and cannot believe the man employee named Kailer or something just used too many bad words and talking with his friends in the working time. Also, he kinda ignored me when I asked him for a product. That's such a bad experience since I am new in this area. Also, there food is kinda more expensive than other retailers. I think I should go to Winco or Walmart so I can have at least either cheap price or good-behavior employees. Trying to avoid Fred Meyer as much as possible.
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I really wish people would simply ask for the store manager anytime they have a bad experience in a store. There is no way for stores to give better service unless someone reports the bad associates. It takes allot to fire people and if no one knows they are behaving badly they will keep doing it.


Should not* my mistake


Umm. Maybe you try working there and you will understand why he was swearing so much.

You should also put the person's name on the site. I'm sure you would appreciate your name tagged on a site with a rude comment next to it.


Fred Meyer is more expensive than Albertsons and Safeway? You're a *** ***.

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Madison, Wisconsin
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The can and bottle return at the Fred Myer in Tha Dalles Oregon is ***!!!We waited for 45 minutes for the person to come out and remove the full bins.I even went inside and complained about it. Still no one came out to fix the bins.The place smells of dead meat,...
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State law says that 144 is the maximum number of cans per person per day that a store is required to accept, but it doesn't prevent them from taking more if they are willing to. My local Walmart has no such limit and their machines are indoors and well maintained, unlike Fred Meyer's.

It is clear that Fred Meyer is determined to do only the barest minimum required of them. Right now I have in my garage about ten garbage bags full of cans that were all purchased at Fred Meyer. I am loath to take them back because Fred Meyer makes it so unpleasant to do so. I can't take them to Walmart because it is a brand of soda that Walmart does not carry.

Why should I have to give up the $40 to $50 in deposit that these cans represent? That's my money.

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The Dalles, Oregon

Fraud charging

i have my car refuelled at fred meyer fuel stop on 8/23/2010 19:03:48. term: 09100**** appr: 012692 pump# 14 credit/ UNL @ $ 3.529/G volume 7.105 gal gas total $25.07 it should cost 25 bucks. i have my receipt with me. i get an email from my credit card bank. and it said that i spent 125 dollars twice at that fuel stop. the staffs in fred meyeer refused to help me check with that and refused to give my money back! it cost me fuel and time to drive there and argue with them. i am really pissed.
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go talk to your bank, its not fred meyer its them, they put a 24 hour hold on your debit card when you pay at the pump. all they pumps hsve a disclaimer on posted, or they should. if your bank hasnt released the hold, they are the ones taking your $$


and to respond to the "concerned person" if fred meyer swipes your card for $50 and the funds are not available the machine will say declined ok, and if the gas station attendant misunderstands you and ends up giving you free gas then that would be the companies mistake/fault and also their responsibility since their employee made this mistake, it does not justify taking more money out of someones account temporarily then they actually spent, fred meyer puts some sticker on the pump explaining how they do this for your protection or whatever but the reality is no other gas stations pull any scams like this one that fred meyer does so my advice to anyone that reads this is to get your fuel somewhere else and dont support this capitalist corporate scam that fred meyer and their bank pull


what they do is charge you $125 automatically no matter how much gas you end up getting ($125 being the limit), then they credit you back the difference in 5 business days or less according to darlene at customer service, how is that morally right to hold someones money like that when no other companies that sell fuel do such a thing?


The pumps are not programmed to charge $125!!! The banks run the card for $125 to make sure that much is available in the account.

Otherwise what if they put $50 in gas in your tank and you only have $10 in your account???

What if you asked for $10 and the gas pumper misunderstands and gives you a fill up costing $75. It's not like they can take the gas back out!!!


Said this before, but my bank authorizes it for $1 and it generally takes 2-3 days for it to clear. It has to be on your banks end. I've been fueling up there for years and have never seen it occur with my checking account.


The employee is this thread is wrong or lying. Fred Meyer "pre-authorizes" your debit card for $125 even if you specifically ask for only $10.

their bank holds the funds for 2 or 3 days and then the extra amount is refunded to the customer's card. Not only is Fred Meyers lying when they say that it isn't them but the bank, it is obvious that the pumps have to be programmed to automatically charge $125.


I am so happy that you had the time to write a complaint online and then go yell at some employees who had nothing to do with this instead if calling your credit company and having them fix it.

Get a life!


Like I say... only ignorant people make customer complaints.

Sometimes I wish I knew where these people work... oh wait...

they don't have a job. That's why they have the time to complain.


The only way that could have happened is that you lost your card and it was ran at the pump. They automatically stop at $125. The credit card company is who would refund you money for that, NOT the store.


It's called credit card fruad. You need to have your credit card company look into it, you have that kind of proctection from them. This is not Fred Meyer's fault, People use other peoples information everywhere and all the time.

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Fairbanks, Alaska
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Fred Meyer- Education comes 2nd?? WTF!!

well, just got fired from Fred Meyer. Page 30 of their employee handbook states clearly.. please notify supervisor at least one hours before shift starts if you are going to be late or absent... it also says the only excused reasons for missing work is being sick or having an uncontrolable thing come up.... well apparently if you notify them an hour and 30 minutes before your shift and say you have school work that came up(that needs to be done in order to graduate) you broke company policy, i could of just lied and said i was sick you know..... my manager claims they needed 2 hours of a notification, well, if that be the case, why does the handbook say an hour and no one states a 2 hour notice of absence when you do your interviews or orintation??? weird isn't it... it also *** when your boss decides to be completely rude and disrespectful over the phone when you call in.
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My Fred Meyer requires 1 hour notice, as with state law. But we're protected by a union. Sounds like you got screwed.


Fred Meyer is a company and they have a business to run. They cannot let people call in and say "I'm just too busy today to work".

If they did that, then good associates like me who show up every day and only ask for time off when I need it would get really pissed off.

Sounds like you are not very responsible with your schoolwork. It is your responsibility to be at work every day and if you can't there are many people out there who need jobs and will show up every day.


Federal and state law issue the employee only has to give one hour of notice. 2 hours is what the company wants. However many stores don't enforce the policy.


Miss Foxyhoxie, you are just trying to be a *** due to the fact that you got fired over calling in too late. It has always been stated that you give a 2 hour notice before calling into work. Maybe if you would have given that notice you would still have a job.

This also means that you were calling in sporadically over a small period of time due to the fact that you have to be written up twice for the same reason and then the third time you get fired.

So don't be *** because you couldn't do your job.

Have a fantastic day!


If the employee handbook states one and a half hours or one hour then that is what they get. They can't say one thing in the employee handbook and demand another illegally.


Amanda Taylor is obviously a *** *** who does no wrong. Your *** stinks, Amanda. Believe that.


I worked for them and also have my hand book it is one hr I called in 3 days I work open and they said no manager on duty I got fired said I was basically no call no show so to Joe get ur facts straight all these posts r true things that Fred meyer does. The real world is cruel but my grandma died a month ago they made me work up to the time I had to fly put stating I didn't give them enough notice well hello shut happens not like we new she was gonna pass and I called as soon as I found out.

I have doctor notes relieving me from work they didn't follow stating it wasn't there problem. They r the worse company ever o have worked for other corporate stores who worked with me on anything


Welcome to adulthood. Grow up and be responsible and quit blaming everyone else for your doings.

You knew when you were scheduled to work. Maybe you should have thought about that and found time to do your school work.

Good luck in life! Your parents probably hand you everything huh?


I have worked for the company for years. It has always been at least two hours before your shift. Don't make stuff up.


that is really sad. :sigh the employees are always wrong :sigh

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Seattle, Washington
Fred Meyer Manager

Gum chewing cashier

I find it irritating to have a cashier chomping and snapping gum in my face while checking me out. I have yet to go into the FM at Evergreen way Everett Wa at the cash register by the paint dept and not have him chewing gum. It is so discusting to have a person...
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Stop being an old hag! Do you want the cashier to have bad breath?

I doubt it.

I am sure you are the person cashiers dread to have come through their line. Get a life.

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Seattle, Washington
Fred Meyer Cashier

Fred Meyer 148th in Bellevue BAD

Fred Meyer of Bellevue, 148th ave NE, Inept checker could not compete a discount for customer in front of me for over 15 minutes, finally gave the customer free merchandise. Did not apologize for making me wait so long. First item of mine was sliced almonds from prodcue dept., checker did not know the code & could not find the code in his book. When I asked for him to just give me the merchandise (2 oz of sliced almonds) he refused. I left my groceries at the check stand & went to Top Foods, for a great experience. FredMeyer never again.
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This person didn't even take the time to get the location correct when filing this complaint. The 148th store isn't even near Sammamish.

All I can say is learn to spell, and put down the latte.

I personally have never had a bad experience due to the staff at the 148th Fred Meyer, the customers are another story. The staff even stressed to the max by customers like the person above, still manage to smile and put their best foot forward.


Oh wow! You are one of those customers?

Sooo lazy and incompetent that you can't even take the time to write down the code for some "sliced almonds." Are your hands too precious to use a pen that the store PROVIDES for you? There at least 5 pens in the bulk foods area, so grab one and write the *** number down next time you lazy *** person.

Also, they are not allowed to give away merchandise. They can only discount it.

I am sure you are exaggerating this whole things. So stop wasting your time online to *** about things that are so idiotic.


These are the kind of customers that need to learn how the world really works. LEARN!

Cashiers are NEVER allowed to give free products.

"Respect the workforce." -Us.


I'm sure it is irrelevant, because, you are probably on welfare anyway. All you do is want free stuff, maybe go out and get a job and earn your way instead of trying to skate by and throwing a fit when people don't just give you things.

Man up.


Free?? gosh!

do you think the employees can give anyone free stuff?? what about to be fired doing that and going to knock you door to asking for help?

could you do something??

No, of course. Just because they customer service thinks they are the king of the world.

You could have went to the manager and ask them free stuff if you wish, but do not expect the employees will do whatever the customer service wants without authorization.


The cashier is not allowed to give out free merchandise. Ever.

It is out of policy. They can be fired for such a thing.

Instead of throwing a hissy fit for not getting free stuff, you could have went to their manager and reported what you saw. But all you cared about was free merchandise, so, it's irrelevant.

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Sammamish, Washington
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Fred Meyer, the second coming of Wal-Mart

I have shopped with Fred Meyer in the past few years, and was relatively satisfied with the purchase. In the past two years, I've noticed a decline in their policies and employee retention. This past month was the last time I will ever purchase from this Company. I happened to be out of Monroe and was buying groceries when I overheard three gentlemen openly joke about how they were able to fire the Assistant Grocery Manager by false accusations. When I walked around the corner, I was greeted by the Grocery Manager, named Robert Gibson, and two of his employees. Upon reporting this to the customer information, I was told by a young man that, with a smile, that was Mr. Gibson's character, and was nothing new. I've found a new found love for Safeway now.
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The assistant manager in question was terminated for throwing away thousands of dollars worth of product, because it was taking up space he'd rather it didn't. He then falsely documented the srink as a charitable donation.

The accusations were not false, I witnessed the events that lead up to his departure. He was also a ***.


To Interesting Fact:

I unfortunately had the bad fortune of working with this "Joe". Tool none the less.

I thought it fitting to tell the masses that this type of individual was employed by Guitar Center now. Please feel free to stop by the Kirkland branch and wish your best regards to this ***.


Jeanette, I am curious why you would allow anyone to "make your life a living ***"? It amazes me why anyone would do that?

You might need therapy for that. If FM is so bad, then quit and work for Wallmart or some other huge retailer, then you can complain about them.


I was an employee at Fred Meyer, and they practice this behavior quite a bit, however I believe this is more of a Kroger situation, which owns, Fred's, QFC, etc. they do this quite often, make false accusations, or customers who come in already upset, complain about someone, and they can fire them. Terrible place to work for.


That grocery assistant manager, "Joe", was rehired and was recently fired again for referring to another manager's wife in a horrible, degrading fashion. I have no idea if the first termination was a result of false accusations but I assure you that the second firing was completely called for.

Although, I agree that the 3 managers should have refrained from any conversation regarding personnel on the sales floor. Unprofessional.


You should just shut the *** up. Fred Meyers is far from Wal-Mart.

This is how every retail company is genius!

Not just those two. You must have not ever experienced the real world to think everything is perfect or maybe you just got everything handed to you.


This is how they treat ALL their employees! If they don't like you they will fire you for just about anything and somehow always get away with it! If they can't fire you they will make your life a living *** like they have done to me!!!


Jeanette, please don't speak for "all" FM employees. If it was true that they treat all their employees this way then I guess I wouldn't know over 50 people that have been happily employed at FM for over 15 years.

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Seattle, Washington
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Fred Meyer Employment

This is the worst company I have ever worked for. After I was hired, I was require to attend a three day "orientation", which was basically three days of viewing their incredible surveillance system and getting several lectures about what would happen if you...
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fred meyer management is just WRONG. i had a manager for 7 years who had narcissistic personality disorder and screamed at me on the floor, he picked out favorites including a PIC who sent people home for looking at her "funny".

the favoritism threw the department into an uproar. but i don't feel badly towards them because they would trust him and the minute they weren't feeding his ego properly he would rip into them like a shark. he gave me terrible reviews. they had to go back to my previous manager to find a good one.

finally his regional manager got fired for sexual impropriety, he got a new one and so they transferred him to another store.

he had problems there so there so corporate came around to start taking statements on his behaviour. i don't know if he is still with the company.

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Eatonville, Washington
Fred Meyer Cashier