Fred Meyer Senior Discount Day set up to harm seniors

Fred Meyer has a senior discount day on the first Tuesday of each month. So, seniors like me make a big shopping trip and save $10 to $30 on FM's already good prices. Management requires you to tell clerks that you are a senior, even if you know the friendly clerk and the clerk knows you are a senior and you are in line with five other seniors. The friendly clerks often start talking to you and then they 'forget' to scan the senior discount.

Note that their ads say, "Just ask your cashier for the senior discount." That's too funny, seniors remembering something like that after barely being able so shop.

When they forget to give you the discount, you have a to go to customer service. Today the sales clerk forgot to give the discount to the person in front of me and apologized and told the customer to go to customer service (they didn't, the customer was ticked) where customer service would manually hunt through the invoice and key in each item and then hand back a refund. The first thing I told this clerk was I was a senior. She said she would scan the discount code. We got to talking about nothing and general and the sales clerks last words to me were..... you'll have to go to customer service to get your refund.

At customer service, DeeDee, a ten year employee asked me to get the stuff out of my three bags of groceries. I started to hunt and peck for the items, but I realized how *** the request was and that Dee Dee could manually input the item numbers just like the last time this happened to me. (Plus Dee Dee was a little rude, probably because she hates ringing up the refunds manually). Oh and customer service should know that you have to remove the top layers of merchandise to see whats on the bottom, and the counter is the best place to put the stuff.

I was a little frustrated, but I thought this senior discount scam isn't Dee Dee's fault. Dee Dee didn't tell the employees not to ask customers if they are seniors and Dee Dee can't control a sales clerk who forgets to scan the discount code even though the sales clerk was told. So I was handed two bucks and some change, which I thought was a little light. But the line of ticked off seniors was behind me was getting huge and I thought it best to leave.

I got home and the credit receipt she stubbornly gave me, only because I asked, was a credit for over six bucks and she hadn't even rung up all of the eligible items. I take responsibility for not checking the refund receipt, but those seniors behind me were hot....

Anyway, what a scam. Can you imagine all of the seniors who go on the first Tuesday and think they are getting their refund automatically. Maybe they think the refund is tied into their rewards card, which it should be. It's big bucks, trust me. Just talk to the clerks on Senior Tuesday. They say it happens all of the time. Then talk to customer service folks like Dee Dee. But watch out, she might rip off your head.

Fred Meyer management should be ashamed of themselves for their management of this policy. And they should send all of their seniors a big fat check every year.

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Jan 07 Nanchang, Jiangxi

I have had this happen.
How hard would it be to tag our rewards card as a senior so it would automatically trigger the discount???

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Jan 03 Albany, Oregon

I'm 66 years old, and regularly use the Senior Discount offered by Fred Meyer's. I've "never" had a problem getting my discount. Don't know what this person's problem is, but maybe he needs to work on improving his short term memory. It doesn't take much effort or mentally agility to remember to say "Senior Discount Please."

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Fred Meyer shopper

Mar 03

The pissconsumer DID tell the clerk that she was a senior. If you forgot you read that by the time you posted your comment that underscores her contention that many seniors will have a hard time remembering to ask for their discount, so flagging eligibility with Rewards cards is a great idea.
Her other point is that the clerks cannot scan the senior discount code until they have rung everything up, so they understandably forget to do that by the time the order is rung up. I have had a clerk forget to do that even though I informed her earlier that I was a senior. I went through the painful customer service line like she did to get my refund, and the clerk there INSISTED that many of my eligible items were NOT eligible for the discount. I debated him for some time but he insisted he was right so I gave up and went home and double checked the policy on the website and was convinced I was right. I then called the store manager and he said that I was indeed right and to stop by at customer service at my next visit and get my full refund, which went smoother with another clerk. (The manager said he would talk to the stubborn clerk and correct his policy misinterpretation.)
Now I tell the clerks I'm a senior twice, the second time timed right before they finish the order, but if I have told the clerk once and forget to remind them the second time and they forget to scan the code, I will NOT go to the customer service counter ever again! I will ask for a refund and
... Show more

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Dec 23, 2014 Portland, Oregon

I don't disagree with you entirely but where I do is the fact that regardless of our age we are still responsible to watch out for our own best interests. If we intentionally wait for Tuesday for the discount, what is so dang hard about seeing to it the clerk is aware we qualify? It appears like you have a need to point fingers at others when you need to take ownership of your own mistakes. It has never been a big dark secret that we are to notify the clerk if we qualify for the discount.

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Nov 15, 2014 Oregon City, Oregon

A lot of whining here. Fred Meyer doesn't have to give a senior discount. Especially to people under the age of 62. I have about 4 cashiers that I go to and we chat while things are being rang up. The last thing I say is senior discount please. I shop at the Oregon City Fred Meyer and have never had a problem getting the discount. Yes, Fred Meyer does have some rude cashiers and I avoid going through their lines. Other stores that offer senior discounts don't give them automatically you have to ask. Fred Meyer isn't trying to scam seniors!!

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Megan Montague

Nov 04, 2014

I think maybe the policy has changed, or it is clerk-dependent. A nice young man rang me up as senior one day last summer when I was in line and chatting with a friend in her 70's. That's how I found out about the senior discount, and now I shop it regularly. Their policy is generous in starting the senior designation at age 55.
One thing to watch out for is selecting the brands /items that are discounted on senior day, that takes some planning and effort, and don't expect to save tons - it will probably be in the $3 to $10 range.
I'm off to Fred's to do my senior day shopping today, list in hand.
Good luck to all!

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gramma lady

Nov 02, 2014

This has happened to me,more than once, and it is embarrassing when the customer service employee must go thru such a long process to fix it and therefore holds up other customers. And,yes it doesn"t mean they have done it accurately after the long process---but all I want to do at that point is leave. My sense is that cashiers are not properly trained--on purpose?--who knows!

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Oct 11, 2014 Hillsboro, Oregon

I agree with her. We work for the money and then have to work to remember to ask for the discount. I do understand that they have to be careful about who is a senior or who isn’t.

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Kathy Eugene

Aug 03, 2014 Eugene, Oregon

How does this all apply to the self check-outs?

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Jul 15, 2014

Done with Fred Meyers. Cashiers are too rude and I seldom get the senior discount even when I ask for it.

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Jun 29, 2014 East Wenatchee, Washington

You sound like an angry person. Take some responsibility and check your receipt, wright SENIOR on the face of your card. Or you can continue to rant on here when others don't do things your way

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Jan 07, 2014 Chiloquin, Oregon

just tell the clerk that you are over your budget and to void the current transaction and you will just put the items you really need on the belt. before your start say " senior discount please"
and send the groceries back through.

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Jan 07, 2014

I WILL be sure to ask for my discount. Then ask again if the clerk gave it to me. Then keep asking until I am SURE I really get my senior discount. Even if I have to ask on each item I buy.

I am just barely into the senior category. I watched as my aging mother was taken advantage of and vowed I would do my best as long as possible not to let it happen to me.

I think it is criminal to take advantage of seniors. It is a form of senior abuse!

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Mar 06 Canby, Oregon

Someone accidentally forgetting to save you a couple bucks is not abuse. Ask before you slide your card for payment, it's that simple. Coupons and all discounts happen at the end of a transaction, so that is the prime moment to ask for your senior discount.

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Nov 26, 2013

So true, I've been shopping Fred Meyer store in Albany for two years and just found out about senior citizen day. Fred Meyer needs to put age info on their card then when senior shop on those seniour Tuesdays they automatically get discount. I did have a store clerk remind me of that the other day....the first in two years. Freddie ya need to be more customer service oriented, but then they are better then Wall mart, but not as good as Kmart...

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hate the line at customer serv

Nov 20, 2013

I totally agree that if the clerk forgets the Senior discount, to go though Customer Service to receive it is a horrible experience. They have to manually enter each number, twice. And IF you have your groceries with you (all the while getting WARM) you have to unpack them all. A to long and grating experience. It should be made much easier at customer service! And I don't care if someone knows my age, automatically enter it from my Freddies card!

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Nov 17, 2013

wow, what a whiner.

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Nov 05, 2013

Just put a "post it" note on your rewards card that reads " Senior %". Works everytime!

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Nov 05, 2013

typical Eugene unhappy liberal

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Nov 03, 2013

It's all spelled out on their website and smartphone app. Maybe should carry a copy of the senior ad or make a note or something. Like the Awards card, I believe they can scan the Senior Discount at anytime during the process, so maybe ensure the cashier does it at the beginning of the process when they scan your awards card.

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